Host Companies

Fellowship programs set the stage for creating a win-win for both participants and host organizations. Status Verified works with businesses of all sizes to engage them in a cultural exchange program that provides them access to international talent that is driven to helping host companies achieve their business goals. There are a variety of customized channels that host companies can design to reach their specific business objectives. We stick with you throughout the process and match the right talent, to the right opportunity.

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J-1 Program Overview

With oversight from the US Department of State, approximately 300,000 J-1 visas are awarded to international talent as part of a cultural exchange program. Program participants from approved companies are able to gain hands-on training and skills while immersing themselves in US culture and business practices. The goal of this program is to promote cultural exchange between the US and other countries. Participation from host companies helps to influence international economic growth through shared learning experiences support the program

beginning and advanced fellowship positions are offered in the following occupational categories:

  • Arts and Culture;

  • Information Media and Communications;

  • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance;

  • Public Administration and Law; and

  • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations.

what channel is right for you?


Inter-company exchange

• Temporary relocation options for existing employees located outside of United States.

• Expand collaboration options between employees from online to in-person


university cohorts

• Establish a partnership with prestigious international universities

• Plan for new talent every 3-6 months with a new cohort of students.

• Access to the newest and brightest talent.


project support

• Work with interns and trainees that can offer support on long and short-term projects for all business units.

• Diversify workforce with international talent and a cultural exchange.

intern program vs trainee program

beginning fellows

  • Current University Students*

  • Recent Graduates*

  • Up to 12 months

  • English Proficient

  • 18 or older

advanced fellows

  • Experienced Professionals

  • 1 to 5 Years Work Experience

  • Degree or Certificate*

  • Up to 18 months

  • English Proficient

*Non-U.S. educational institution

benefits for host companies

Participating as a host company in the J-1 program, not only strengthens international relations between the US and other countries, it gives your organization a unique opportunity to expand your brand; train and engage with future leaders; and develop new, cost-effective strategies.

Expand your Organization’s Footprint

  • Establish or grow your international network and brand by introducing your company to global audiences, technologies, and skill sets.

  • Build global strategies by gaining deeper insight into international markets.

  • Bridge cultural and communication gaps by creating engagement opportunities between your employees and program participants.

Train and Engage Future Leaders

Participants in the J-1 program are highly motivated; have developing, in-demand skills; and possess a strong desire to learn more about US business and culture. Our relationships with leading international universities and organizations helps us to identify those with candidates with the right amount of grit and determination that sets them up to become future leaders.

Develop Cost-effective Strategies

There are no fees and no visa sponsorship requirements for host companies to participate in the J-1 program. With lowered barriers for participation, the J-1 program allows businesses to build short-term and long-term goals and achieve them by incorporating talented interns and trainees into their business plans.

requirements for host companies

Steps to become a verified host company that can host interns and trainees:

Prior to program start

  • Provide copy of business license and proof of workers compensation insurance coverage for the training site.

  • Identify full-time employee to serve as primary supervisor.

  • Create a training plan that outlines the objectives of the internship or trainee position.

During program

  • Primary supervisor provides continuous on-site supervision and mentoring and completes required evaluation of participant performance.

  • Intern or trainees is given at least 32 hours of training per week.

  • Abide by all federal, state and local occupational health and safety laws.

  • Ensure that participant is meeting objectives outlined in training plan.

Post program

  • Provide post-program evaluation of participant performance.

our services


Status Verified offers its partners a verified solution to help them meet their business objectives, while setting the stage for global talent to become acclimated to US culture and business practices.

  • Provide access to global talent

  • Gain insight into global business

  • Expand brand into new international markets

  • Pre-screened applicants

  • Ongoing support throughout program