Status Verified is the leading international recruitment and cultural exchange firm in the Bay Area. Our mission is to strengthen global communities through education, training, and shared experiences. We connect students and professionals with educational, internship, and training opportunities throughout the country by partnering with leading educational, government and business organizations. Our international network includes strategic relationships in Asia, Europe, and South America.



Businesses and organizations that understand the importance of strengthening world economies, believe in fostering strong international relationships, and have the willingness to invest in international talent are ideal host companies. The Visitor Exchange Program is the perfect vehicle for diversifying your workforce and adding a fresh global perspective through engagement with bright, young professionals from all around the world. Fellows have backgrounds in: Accounting, Business, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Law, Marketing, and Public Administration.



Status Verified partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States to promote programs to prospective international students. Each partnership is customized to meet the needs and goals of each of our educational partners. Most agents and their respective agencies specialize in student recruitment from one geographic region, which can lead to a homogeneous environment and ultimately decrease the overall educational experience. Status Verified is a minority and immigrant owned business that is local to the Bay Area, and is committed to enriching the educational and professional development of international students by working within a diverse agent network.

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